Will Micro Weddings Be the Trend in a Coronavirus World?

We all watched as everything shut down within days of the first positive tests of the coronavirus.  First groups of more than 1000, then 500, followed by 50, 10 and finally everyone was asked to stay at home and practice “social distancing”. What has this done to weddings?  Couples have been left to scramble to reschedule their spring and early summer weddings.  Larger weddings scheduled in July and beyond may not even be able to take place.  How many guests will be permitted to group together? Newly engaged couples are questioning when it will be safe to tie the knot.  In comes the micro wedding.

A micro wedding typically includes anywhere from 10 to 50 guests.  In a coronavirus world, it is a safer number of guests to have at one event.  The couple can celebrate their marriage while still practicing social distancing, if necessary.

Micro weddings have many advantages.  With a smaller wedding, a couple’s options of venues abound.  Larger venues often have more intimate settings that are overlooked in favor of their higher capacity entertaining spaces. Couples can reserve a private room at a first rate restaurant, enjoy dinner in a vintage bank vault, celebrate in smaller gardens, or reserve an entire inn. Couples should think outside the box and find a location that fits their personality.

Micro weddings also allow the couple to spend quality time with all of their guests at the event.  They have time to catch up with everyone and guests have an opportunity to get to know each other well.

While micro weddings can save money, many couples are spending their full budget.  Couples are still sending invitations, dancing to live music, and serving wedding cake.  The difference from a larger wedding is that they can now focus on details and give their guests a more luxurious experience with a more elaborate dinner, heirloom silver and china, exquisite linens, and extravagant floral arrangements.

A smaller wedding may seem like less work but that does not mean it is simpler to plan.  A wedding planner is highly recommended.   When a wedding is small, every detail is noticed.  Couples still want photography, videography, and music.  They may also want more personal touches such as a flower for every guest,  beautiful place cards, personalized favors, gift bags at the hotel, and an out of this world wedding cake.  An experienced wedding planner knows how to keep track of all of the details and manage the couple’s wedding day so that they can enjoy it.

Having a huge party with your family and friends is a great way to celebrate your nuptials.  However, given the current environment, a micro wedding is a great alternative which will allow you to celebrate your marriage in a way that is uniquely yours.  You can always have the big, blow out affair for your first anniversary!

Photo credit: Rebecca Barger Photography