So What is in the Emergency Bag???

I am asked over and over again what I carry in my emergency bag. First of all, it is not one bag, but four! The largest bag carries anything I could possibly need while the couple is getting dressed and taking their first look photos. It carries over a hundred items, including different types of glue, padded hangers for photographing the wedding dress, a crochet hook for buttoning the wedding dress, mole skin for blisters, ice packs to keep cool on hot days, and deodorant.

The second bag holds the steamer for dresses and suits, which is used more often than not. This bag also carries necessities exclusively for the men such as ties, pocket handkerchiefs, cuff links, and padding to help their shoes fit better.

My backpack and clip board carry the essential items to get through the ceremony and reception. A lint brush, hairspray, pins of all shapes and styles, “reserve” cards for ceremony seating, and dental floss are just a few of the necessities that I keep at the ready.

This wedding planner arrives prepared for anything and everything!