Weddings and the Guest Experience

Today’s weddings are all about the guest experience. Your wedding is probably the biggest party you will ever host in your life and you want to make it meaningful but also fun for your guests. But how to do it?

Selecting a trendy venue is a good start and lucky for you, the Philadelphia area has loads of them! Museums, gardens, wineries, barns, historic estates, artsy industrial sites, cruises on the river, and more. There is something to fit every personality!

Next, get creative with the details. The photo booth or “area” is always popular. Add to it to make it unique. I remember one couple incorporated a life size cardboard cutout of a celebrity with which their guests could pose. Another couple created an outdoor scene by having a photograph of a park printed on a back drop, added a park bench in front of it and voilà, a beautiful space for guest photos.

Other things I have seen that make receptions unique include wildlife for guests to see up close, LEGOS at each table, food trucks with special delicacies, al fresco dining under the stars, and old time yard games.

Get creative! Find something that you and your fiancé enjoy, make it part of your special day, and your guests will walk away thinking your wedding was one of the best ever!